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“I find Zepol to be an invaluable tool to better understand the ever-changing international marketplace. We are able to obtain pertinent information regarding potential suppliers across the globe in a timely and concise manner. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the training provided by the customer support staff as this enabled me to use the trade intelligence tools more effectively.”

      Director of Procurement
      Seafood Importer

“I needed a tool to help me maximize the imports of goods from my country to the city of Chicago in the most efficient way. With Zepol’s TradeIQ I can quickly see what products Midwest businesses are importing, the quantity imported, and even find contact information. TradeIQ helps me increase my country’s trade activity with Chicago, monitor imports, and ultimately be more effective at my job.”

      Trade Representative
      Government Consulate

“I am very satisfied with Zepol’s service, the usability of the search tool, and the quality of the data. Furthermore, the pricing is very competitive.”

      Marketing Analyst
      Global Plastics Producer

“Zepol has provided us with the timely information we need to react to changes in our industry. The additional assistance they have provided when needed has proven invaluable. I recommend them highly. ”

“We feel that gathering and analyzing trade intelligence about our industry gives us a competitive edge. We have used several sources in the past and found that Zepol gives us timely, accurate, and easy to use information.”

      VP of Administration
      Food Distributor

“From one search on Zepol's trade intelligence website, we were able to recover our annual subscription costs just by finding the name of a new supplier. Moving forward, we will be able to save thousands a year just from this one query that took no more than 5 minutes.”

“Zepol's trade intelligence tools have allowed me to monitor the flow of off-shore competitive products into the US. This monthly review allows me to identify customers that are trying off-shore products and gives me an opportunity to try to win the business back before they develop an established relationship with the foreign company. Zepol's database and customer support gives me this information in a timely manner, and I have been pleased with the return on the subscription costs.”

      Director of International Sales
      Chemical Manufacturer

“Our company has used Zepol for nearly 5 years. Their search functions allow us to save time in the process of gathering competitive import data. In addition, the data is formatted for easy downloads and customer service is commendable.”

“I introduced Zepol to our company about 2 years ago. Since then, we have used Zepol almost daily for market intelligence, sourcing, lead generation, and gaining competitive intelligence. Our European companies are ecstatic about the intelligence it provides them as well. Zepol constantly evolves the tool to support customer needs. This tool has paid for itself 10 times over for our company. It has become a very integral part of our business planning process. I would recommend Zepol as a business intelligence tool for any company.”

      Principal of Operations
      Top Financial Company

“Zepol’s Trade Intelligence tools have allowed my company to locate new products, suppliers, and customers. Zepol makes it easy to spot trends and is innovative in helping refine steps to get the information we need for success. I have been a Zepol customer for 4 years and look forward to many more years to come. Our market is constantly changing and the information that Zepol supplies helps drive our success.”

      Vice President
      Chemicals Company

“Our company couldn't imagine not having Zepol for the excellent actionable intelligence it provides us on our competition, for assessing market sizes, and for alternate raw material sourcing. Their search interface is user friendly and allows easy downloading of user-selected data fields. Zepol staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and they manage to constantly enhance their product with additional data retrieval and reporting functionality.”

“Zepol’s trade intelligence tools have allowed my company to greatly reduce sourcing costs and better understand our international market place. During the last year, we have saved an hour a week over our previous provider. We were also able to counteract a competitor’s supply chain shift, saving over $200,000 in revenue. From Zepol’s superior customer support to interface that analyzes complicated trade information, the return on our investment has been immense.”

“I have found Zepol to be a superb tool to “snoop” on what the competition is up to. Also what the customer base is doing. Great value for the money!”

      Chemical Company

“Zepol’s trade intelligence tools have allowed my company to obtain industry data at our fingertips. Zepol gives my company an edge against the rest by providing multiple search fields to help pinpoint leads. Zepol has helped my company stand out as an industry leader, providing data to understand our global community and the changing landscape of our clientele. Zepol’s flexibility allows us to be innovative in our approach in order to serve our existing clients and attract new ones.”

      Importer Security Filing Manager
      Top International Logistics Company

“Zepol's trade intelligence tools have been invaluable to my company in global competitive intelligence and market dynamics. Viewing up-to-date information on imports and exports has allowed us to evaluate market activity and anticipate competitive threats. My sales and marketing organizations find this information invaluable to them in successfully conducting business. ”

      Global Strategic Planning Manager
      Chemicals Industry

“Zepol’s TradeView is an outstanding addition to my classes. Many of my students are actively involved in trade, and this resource helps them to quickly and effectively identify trends regarding source countries, best markets, trade flow transitions, and volume. In a world of keen competition, Zepol’s TradeIQ provides my students with detailed bill of lading and transaction data. This allows them to see who is shipping what to whom, and in what volume and frequency. I applaud Zepol’s efforts in continually enhancing the web interface, making the data not only professional and practical, but transforming it into an intuitive research tool that can be vital to success. Thank you, Zepol, for working with educators and providing us with access to the tools that our students need to effectively compete in a constantly evolving global trade environment.”

      Business Management

“Zepol has been a valuable source for accurate and worthy data for international sales opportunities for our company. TradeIQ is a very cost effective operation resource tool that gives us maximum return on investment. Zepol's system updates over the past few years has allowed easy use and searching options.”

“The Zepol trade data bases have provided our Corporation with critical Global Intelligence on key raw materials and products that our vendors, customers, and competitors are importing and exporting. This has led to new sourcing options, understanding of new market segments to target for growth, and reveals critical strategies by our competition. I have personally used many of the trade data bases that are available in the market today, but Zepol is my cornerstone when it comes to U.S. trade. I have verified import/export data from other countries to the U.S. using other data bases and can confirm that the Zepol trade data is very accurate and more complete than some other trade data bases that have been in play in this business for a long time. Quite honestly, the only regret I have is that we would have had this trade tool earlier. I hope my competition doesn’t find out about it.”

      Top Printing Company

“We like TradeIQ for many reasons. The first is that it is the easiest to use system and contains more port trade data than any other tool we have ever used. In addition, it helps us identify the complete scope of a customer's business—including all lanes and volumes—to help us better meet their needs. Having this information allows us to compete more effectively in the international trade arena.”

      Director of Transatlantic Trade
      Fortune© 500 3PL

“Zepol was instrumental in providing us the information we needed to locate suppliers and reduce our time to market from 6 months to 6 weeks, which resulted in our company being awarded a multi-million dollar deal with Wal Mart. The small window of opportunity was seized by us thanks to Zepol.”

      President and COO
      Automotive Parts Company

“Zepol's TradeIQ has become an invaluable tool for our business. The timely, informative, and accurate import data has allowed us to precisely identify and target numerous potential customers and has had a noticeable impact on our bottom line. I would highly recommend TradeIQ to anybody who has a need to know what is really going on in the global marketplace.”

      Vice President of Marketing
      Chemical Import and Export Trading Company

“Zepol has been a significant asset in detecting diversion of our products from foreign countries back into the United States. In several cases, the Zepol data supported information received from anonymous tips or confirmed suspicions regarding diversion by foreign entities. In one specific case, orders valued at $17 million were canceled before they were received by the foreign entity and diverted back into the United States. In other cases, pallet quantities and shipment weights provided in the Zepol data have been used to match to foreign shipments thereby, confirming the foreign entity has diverted product back into the US.”

      Anti-counterfeiting Professional
      U.S. Manufacturer

“Zepol has helped our business gain a competitive edge and allowed us to continue to grow despite tough times. Obviously the most important requirement is the accuracy and quality of the data, and Zepol's service continues to deliver on both. The business comes to me with a import related request and I'm able to login and present clear, critical data within minutes...I look like a hero and the company benefits without delay. Another requirement for me is Customer Service and Continuous Improvement, and Zepol continues to surpass my expectations. I frequently receive emails that alert me to enhancements to the service and I even received a personal phone call from a Zepol rep a few minutes after I made a mistake in one of my searches (I was impressed!). I would highly recommend the service and the high return on investment.”

      Manager, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
      Category Leading Importer

“We use Zepol's trade data tools to know how the banana supply is changing in the United States week by week. This way we can detect trends and are more prepared to face the challenges posed by industry changes.”

“Utilizamos la base de datos de Zepol como una herramienta que nos permite conocer como va cambiando el abastecimiento de banano en los Estados Unidos, semana a semana. De esta forma, podemos detectar tendencias y prepararnos mejor para enfrentar los desafíos que nos presenta el negocio bananero.”

      Strategic Information Director
      Latin American Fruit Company

“I have been using Zepol to provide information to my clients regarding imports of generic chemicals for several years. I have found TradeIQ to be responsive and easy to use. The Zepol staff has been helpful and informative. Because the data is updated frequently, I can provide my clients with the most current information, which helps them quickly respond to market conditions.”

      Consultant to Fortune© 500 Chemical Companies

“Zepol provides an invaluable service that allows us to see exactly where we stand in our market, as compared with our competitors. The bill of lading information is accurate and complete. The system is easy to use, and allows us to download and save data in user-friendly formats to facilitate off-line analysis.”

      Executive Vice President
      Importer of Specialty Wines

“Zepol's trade data tools play an important role in our operations. Not only do we target specific importers to grow our ports' traffic, but we also examine a wide variety of markets to track trade lane usage and volumes to create timely, accurate market reports. TradeIQ's interface makes finding the information we need simple, saving countless hours. Zepol's products are essential for any company in the international trade community.”

      Marketing Director
      East Coast Regional Port Authority

“After using a competing AMS database for years, we are extremely happy with Zepol's TradeIQ. Not only does Zepol provide great service, the overall value of the subscription exceeds any other product on the market. Zepol has helped save both time and energy for our managers and beat ROI expectations. I fully recommend Zepol to anyone in the international trade marketplace.”

      Vice President of Sales and Marketing
      Leading International Freight Forwarder

“I use Zepol on a monthly basis to monitor imports of the types of products that we manufacture and have been known to be counterfeited or diverted. I also monitor companies that are known/suspected counterfeiters or diverters. In one instance, we were able to use the import information in a civil lawsuit to show a U.S. company had received imports from a known Chinese counterfeiter.”

      Anti-Counterfeiting & Unauthorized Distribution
      Major U.S. Electronics Manufacturer

“Zepol's TradeIQ is a very powerful tool for anyone who takes prospecting and knowing their clients very seriously. Zepol provides me with all the pertinent supply chain data that I need to engage a client on a very professional level.”

      Account Executive
      Mid-sized Logistics Provider

“Zepol has allowed us to obtain current and accurate market data which has proven to be a valuable marketing tool for our company. Zepol is easy to use and the staff is courteous and knowledgeable. Zepol is a must for anyone trying to compete in today's markets!”

      Sourcing Manager
      Plastics Importer

“We are pleased with our subscription to Zepol. In the first six months, we have already satisfied our cost-benefit analysis directly from our work in TradeIQ. Continued use has certainly expanded our pipelines in various target markets. In terms of our potential cost-justified revenue, the final ROI for our subscription is significant.”

      Account Manager
      International Freight Forwarder

“We have invested in the TradeIQ tool each of the last two years, and it has proved invaluable in supporting our ability to track competitive imports. As the global economy indeed becomes more global, I don't know that it's more evident in any other market than chemicals. With continued pressures from new and alternative sources from both Asia and South America, tracking specialty chemical imports has allowed us to preempt moves from our competition, both in the manufacturing and the distribution components of the supply chain.”

      Vice President of Marketing
      Specialty Chemical Distributor

“We have the extreme majority of the market in our industry, and use Zepol as a research tool to monitor imports of competitive products. This resource has proven itself to be a useful tool, but is simple enough to get the job done quickly. The ability to save searches and export data makes data gathering quite efficeint. Zepol is always there to help, in the rare case that a question does arise, and their support services have always been praiseworthy. Last but not least, we save a significant amount over our previous service by switching to Zepol.”

      Market Leading Industrial Products Importer

“Zepol's trade intelligence tools give us up to date valuable information on our current and potential new suppliers. It has been a valuable tool to idenity new sourcing opportunities. In addition, the tools allow us to track our competition and in many cases current and potential new customers. Finally, the import HTS data provided gives virtually real time data into the industry, well ahead of published industry reports.”

      Construction Products Supplier

“We have been using Zepol for the past couple of years. We find this software very informative. We are able to gather the information we need and customer service has been very helpful and polite. The software itself is very easy to use and self explanatory. Zepol is always working on making the users' search task easier by providing new functionality. We renewed our contract 3 months back and look forward to keep renewing for the coming years.”

      Market Researcher
      Specialty Chemical Products Company

“We have subscribed to TradeIQ Professional for the past year and have been delighted with it. It is powerful, easy to use, and Zepol's support and product improvement have been first rate.”

      Consultant to Importers and Manufacturers

“Zepol has been a great tool to understand our overall market opportunity and size. We use the site to understand how our company compares to our competitors in market share. Our managers have commented that this is one of the more user friendly customs import sites available in the market.”

      Industrial Products Importer

“Zepol has provided our sales team with vital information that helps us to intelligently discuss business with a prospective account. It is a key component in our sales function throughout our organiziation.”

      Marketing Analyst
      Transportation and Logistics Provider

“I am impressed with Zepol, their offerings, and continuous improvements. All staff members I have worked with are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. I recommend them highly.”

      Senior Business Development Manager
      Leading International Chemical and Plastics Company

“Zepol's trade intelligence tools provide my company, a manufacturer of a specialty product, with a great understanding of what products and volumes are exported by my competitors. The easy-to-use interface and helpful customer support greatly speeds up our analysis, saving lots of time and money. Zepol's intelligence has an impact on our decision making around competitive responses, which is priceless.”

      Specialty Product Manufacturer

“Zepol offers an excellent information service for companies beginning to import into the United States to track and learn chemical market trends and identify potential customers in the U.S. chemical industry.”

      New Chemical Products Importer