ComplianceIQ Overview

Import-Trade Compliance on a New Level

With trade-compliance audits and penalties increasing, companies must take the right steps to ensure imported products follow today’s regulations. See how Zepol’s ComplianceIQ can help to classify products, proactively monitor import-compliance changes, and determine appropriate U.S. tariffs, duties, and quotas.

How can you benefit?

  • Classify Imported Products – Search by product keyword, research binding rulings, and see how your competitors or suppliers classify their products. Avoid severe penalties by ensuring your products are classified correctly.

  • View Tariffs and Duties – Search by HTS Code or keyword to extract information on tariffs and duties. See what products apply to Free Trade Agreements and capitalize on lower duty imports.

  • Monitor Changes – Receive timely email updates and alerts with the latest import-compliance information that affects the products you import. Quickly and effectively update your database to ensure an audit trail demonstrating due diligence.

  • Save valuable time, lower penalty risk, and stay on top of your game with ComplianceIQ.

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Watch the latest upgrades to ComplianceIQ and learn how to stay current on new happenings in U.S. import compliance. If you want to speak to a compliance expert, Click here to schedule a demo.

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Did You Know...

In 2013, there were 13 different classification rulings on solar panels and 12 of them were from China.

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