Transportation Companies

Generate new sales leads with targeted lists

With aggressive competitors and higher fuel prices that eat into profits, transportation professionals are constantly challenged to find new customers and revenue streams.

TradeIQ Import, TradeIQ Export, TradeView, and ComplianceIQ, give a comprehensive snapshot of which companies are importing or exporting goods into specific ports. This gives a fast, easy-to-generate list of authentic sales leads that can be used to target the most qualified prospects. Our customers include NVOs, customs brokers, freight forwarders, and more who all use our data to drive their businesses forward, generate leads, and monitor companies of interest.

Benefits for transportation professionals:

  • Make lists of importers and exporters using various criteria. (i.e. container type, geographic area, zip code etc.).
  • Find out who competitors' clients are.
  • Uncover who imports and exports products into the regions they cover (city, state and zip and more).
  • Expand into new markets with more confidence of the opportunity's potential. View 10 years of purchase patterns.
  • Maximize ROI- 97% of our customers say a subscription pays for itself.

Our transportation industry experts are Chris Roy and Tony Jueneman. Contact Chris or Tony to learn more about how they are helping transportation companies maximize their sales efforts.

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