Law Firms

Ongoing Protection of Trademarks

For in-house corporate counsels and independent law firms, safeguarding a company's intellectual property can be a daunting task. TradeIQ. Import, TradeIQ Export, TradeView, and ComplianceIQ give affordable, user-friendly weapons against potential counterfeiters, trademark violators, and trade regulation abusers. Easily monitor imports and exports based on product description, company, geographic region, and more.

Our products can also be used for other legal needs, such as contract resolution, shipment diversion, legal research, and more. All of Zepol’s tools produce accurate, searchable data that hundreds of legal professionals have used to build a case.

Attorneys choose Zepol because we provide:

  • The ability to easily view shipment data from suspect overseas locations.
  • Incredible search versatility—by product, materials, ingredients, even the company's brand names to quickly identify potential counterfeiters.
  • An easy way to verify that current suppliers are meeting their exclusivity agreements.
  • A simple solution to monitor quotas and product classification.
  • Access to thorough training and friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

Our legal industry experts are Craig Hirschey and Jennifer Mortensen. Contact them to discuss how they’re helping attorneys and law firms proactively protect their client's interests and win international trade cases.