Consumer Product Companies

Brand Protection and More Efficient Supply Chains.

Consumer products cover a broad range of goods and at Zepol we know each company is different and requires unique solutions when it comes to international trade data. Some of the biggest brand names in the world, and some of the smallest, use our tools to protect their bottom line. Zepol’s TradeIQ Import, TradeIQ Export and ComplianceIQ help these companies proactively monitor their products from diversion and counterfeiters. Sourcing professionals use our data to shrewdly reduce costs by diversifying supply chains.

More benefits for consumer product companies who use Zepol:

  • Find new companies capable of producing goods and reduce manufacturing and transportation costs.
  • Know if competitors are launching new products before they reach store shelves.
  • Discover what other products your manufacturers are working with.
  • Forecast supply chain shifts quicker and more accurately than competitors.
  • Identify new markets for exporting products.
  • Ensure suppliers act in accordance with their exclusive distribution agreements.
  • Unlimited support from an expert in trade data mining.

Search through over 120 million bills of lading right now by speaking with one of our specialists in the consumer products industry, Brian Hocks or Tony Jueneman. Learn about how they are helping consumer product companies monitor their competitors and protect their brands.