Chemical Companies

Specialty Suppliers and Competitive Intelligence

Chemical companies maintain margins by using the most cost-effective suppliers and by understanding competitive movements within their market. Professionals in the Chemical Industry use Zepol’s TradeIQ Import and TradeIQ Export tools to find the best suppliers for their specific chemical imports. They also gain an advantage on competitors by monitoring their import and export patterns and identifying changes in the marketplace.

More benefits for chemical companies who use Zepol:

  • See who your competitors are sourcing from.
  • Sort information by product, ingredient, company, and more.
  • Identify trends in the industry and gain a broader perspective of market happenings.
  • Discover new markets for exporting products.
  • Unlimited support from an expert in trade data mining.

Get answers right now by speaking with one of our specialists in the chemical industry, Craig Hirschey or Jennifer Mortensen. Learn about how they are helping chemical companies increase market share and minimize supply chain risk.

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